Fried shrimp with coconut breading

Fried shrimp with coconut breading


10 shelled shrimp tails

150 grams of flour

50 grams of coconut flour

a pinch of baking powder

50 grams of sparkling water

1 egg

sunflower oil

Salt and Pepper To Taste

150 gr of mayonnaise

1 lime

mint leaves


Thaw the shrimp tails, then pass them in the batter made with the egg, the mix of flour (normal and coconut), a pinch of baking powder, water and salt. Heat the sunflower oil in a deep fryer, meanwhile make the flavored mayonnaise by adding the grated rind of a lime and the finely chopped mint leaves.

Fry the shrimp tails in boiling oil until they are golden brown. Drain them and let them dry on absorbent paper.

Serve the coconut-coated shrimp tails with the flavored mayonnaise. You may be interested to read about the chayote benefits blogpost/ strawberry cheesecake slice recipe/ kiwi jam recipe.


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